Elect Karen Donnely for LaSalle County State's Attorney


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LaSalle County

State's Attorney



“The message I am hearing from residents of our County again and again is clear.  Public confidence in our State’s Attorney’s office is missing and must be restored.  As your LaSalle County State’s Attorney, I will be your advocate, working with law enforcement and community leaders to bring crime down and accountability up.”

  • 25 Years experience EXCLUSIVELY in legal field
  • A leader, NOT a politician
  • Active volunteer in various community organizations
  • Born in and continues to reside, work and raise family in LaSalle County
  • Driven, determined and dedicated to serve the people of LaSalle County
  • Implement a drug and mental health court.
  • Assist local police agencies in training and hiring officers for drug education and student interaction at schools.
  • Will take a tougher approach to chronic offenders.
  • Implement a deferred prosecution program for first time young, non-violent offenders.
  • Faster and more consistent screening of cases.
  • Create a website allowing community to lodge complaints, concerns, etc.
  • Conduct an efficency study of office based on decrease in crime rates and less proscutions as a result.

“Starting here today, I plan on taking this message of a better future for LaSalle County from one end of the county to the other.  So I am asking for your support in this campaign to put a leader, not a career politician, in the office of LaSalle County State’s Attorney.” 

I Need Your Support

I am asking for your Support and in return I will be a dedicated asset to the County as your State's Attorney.  I have 35 years experience in the legal profession.  I am ready to serve you first, last and always!


  • Aggressively work to eliminate LaSalle County’s heroin epidemic
  • Proactively address elder abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, and victims’ rights
  • Prosecute swiftly and fairly without playing politics
  • Equal justice under the law for all LaSalle County residents
  • Restore integrity and responsibility to your State’s Attorney’s Office.